ASL/19- D'Artagnan

Code ASL/19
Sculptor Ángel Terol
Painter Alexandre Cortina Bonastre
Scale 75 mm
Material White Metal
Pieces 22
QTY: €44,00

This one is the fourth and last figure of the series of the prominent figures of Alexandre Dumas, with the possibility of being presented with the previous references Porthos, Aramis and Athos in a diorama.
D'Artagnan's descriptions in the novel have been the base to elaborate the idea of this figure: According to the author, D'Artagnan is a smart young person of aquiline nose, prominent jaw and crafty face. His Gascon origin is present throughout the whole work, since the Gascons have a reputation of being brave, courageous and especially proud. The gesture of exposing the sword before an enemy accentuates the boastful and impetuous character of the protagonist, whereas Athos (in the version of the scene) retains it in a protective attitude. 
The gown of our D'Artagnan also differs much from those of the rest of the Musketeers, being a poorer and simpler one, and he is armed with a bit of an antiquated sword. We recommend using a palette of colors with ochre and brown tones for the leather garments as for the doublet and boots, and any color for the fabrics and feathers.

Alexandre C.B.


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