Code ASL/16
Sculptor Ángel Terol
Painter Alexandre Cortina Bonastre
Scale 75 mm
Material White Metal
Pieces 24
Weight 336 g
QTY: €44,00

This one is the second piece that Alexandros Models produces being based on the famous protagonists of Alexandre Dumas's novel. The section of the wall is the same that that of our previous reference (ASL/15 "Porthos"), being like that compatiblly for the accomplishment of a scene.

Our idea is to represent d'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis in the same context to offer to the painter the possibility of creating a diorama with four pieces.

Taking the description of the novel as a reference, the elaboration of each one of the prominent figures tries to contribute the typical proper aspects of every individual, both physical and aesthetic, and even psychological.

The absence of regular uniformity will allow to the painter to elaborate the chromatic range following freely his own criterion.

Our pictorial recommendation is, more than a choice of some concrete color, is the accomplishment of rich textures to emphasize the elegant and flirtatious freightage of our protagonist. A chromatic range of intense and rich colors (a range of blue or red) will accentuate this aspect, so that like nowadays, this type of pigmentation had in general a high cost.

Alexandre C.B.


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