About Us

Alexandros Models was conceived by ample enthusiasm and huge admiration of history and art. Our determination to learn, investigate and share the stories of various historical personae, unique aesthetics of epochs and particulars of traditions constantly provides us with inspiration for new projects.

We create not just figures but attempt to tell the story of whole world and time behind them and we are happy to share this worlds with our followers. At the moment our catalogue consists of more than 100 figures and busts designed and created by our team, based on meticulous research of archaeological artefacts, descriptions, monuments, canvases and old photos. We are never tired to look for new ideas and popularise them through the art of miniatures.

Our personal goal is to promote and develop the art of historical miniature and continue creating unique figures and busts that will some day become a great addition to your miniature collection.

“In the end, when it’s over, all that matters is what you’ve done.”

                                                                                    Alexander The Great